Tuesday, November 27, 2007

WWJ SurfaceImage reloaded

Don't worry this isn't Matrix ;) (I hope it)

I have made a little update on the previous update of SurfaceImage to allow reload of data.
Suppose you have an image file that can be modified by an external process and you want reload it at regular intervals of time to see its changes.
Now you can have it with SurfaceImage reloaded :)

You can get the source code here.

I have added a new reload(boolean useCache) method. Note, it has one boolean parameter to specify if the image must be reloaded from cache (if it is there, I think this option isn't very useful) or reloading it from the original source of data.


raditio said...

hey link your code expired..
can u upload again..

Antonio Santiago said...

Send me a private message and I will send the code.
Anyway take into account that code is from 2007 so probably is obsolete.