Sunday, November 30, 2008

Annotation on a JWindow

Hi all, too much time without put a post in this blog but time is something I haven't lately.

After a couple of days sick with the flu :( today I have a while and spent it looking to a peace of code I had for WWJ.
The idea is making use of JWindow to create annotate windows and have all the power of Swing to create annotations (buttons, text fields, etc).

Unfortunatelly, there are some issues that needs to be solved.
  • Behaviour is different on Linux than Windows. In Linux (using GNOME) the annotation windows remains visible when the main frame becomes hidden. On the other hand, for Windows (Vista) it works fine.
  • Focus. When you put an annotatin window with a text field it doesn't get the focus to write text.

Well, if any of you have time to solve these and, probably, other errors I appreciate a lot you send me (or publish) the code too.

You can get the annotation windows related code here.