Saturday, January 27, 2007

Earth halo

Among other things, tonight I had worked to make a simple halo around the earth.
Here is the result:

Next steps I am centering on are:
  • Create an editor to easily modify the initial and final time stamps associated to the renderable objects.
  • Represent a time line in the editor window.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Tile improved

Tonight I am very tired, but very happy because I think the project does what I had hoped from its beginning.
Today I have modified the classes responsible to render WMS layers. Now the variable used to request more precise images depends on two factor:
  • The distance of the camera to the earth surface, and
  • the longitude of the diagonal arc of the tile.
v = altitude / arclong

It seems that a proportion until 0.5 is good, then when the value is less than 0.5 it is time to request more little tiles

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Working on...

Silently the project is growing. Recently some important changes are added to the core classes.

First, I add some support to the core objects to emit signals, for example when an object are added or removed from a group, or when some property (like color or line width) are changed. That brings more independency between the core and the UI. The later can react when receive a signal and, in the case of folders, new objects are added automatically.

Second, I have modified some presentation elements: defining the items of the menus and toolbars and finding appropriate icons for the explored. Also I modified the windows to definitively work in SDI (Single Document Interface) mode.

Finally, and this is a very important concept, I have added time support to the core objects. Now it is possible to set a time of validity to an object, including the camera itself. Given a period to be shown by the camera and a set of object (with or without periord of validity, independently) the camera's actual time advances step by step showing the object that are valids in the specified time position.
Now, I am working of the way to show the time line to the user: show the current visualization time (the cursor), indicate which objects are visible at the cursor position, and so on.