Sunday, November 18, 2007

JOGL mipmap problem

Working on WWJ SurfaceImage class I get an strange phenomenon with the mipmap option. Here are the differences between using:

textureData = TextureIO.newTextureData(iconStream, false, null);
(mipmap option set to 'false')

textureData = TextureIO.newTextureData(iconStream, true, null);
(mipmap option set to 'true')

All three are PNG images.

Following Ken answer I report it as a possible JOGL bug.


Sharky said...


I am getting the same exact problem (blank textures) for our project World Wind Geo

Thanks for finding the answer. You just saved me a lot of headaches.


Antonio Santiago said...

Hi, sharky.

Currently I have opened a bug in JOGL project. Ken has suggested me to run a jogl-demo test with textures to find the problem, but I need more free time to do so. I hope to test it tomorrow.