Saturday, November 03, 2007

As farewell of Core API...

As I say in a previous post, I continue working on the Balloon Project but instead of build, improve and maintain my own 3D API, so called Balloon Core API, I change to use WWJ as 3D API.

It would not be fair for my lovely Balloon Core API not shown some videos with the latest improvements achieved.
I upload three videos to YouTube but also I upload them to my personal page with better quality. I only have 100mb of personal space and I don't know until when I store them, because this I have uploaded them to YouTube.
As usual, remember the animation in my laptop (with only 64mb graphics card) is very good although the captured screens seems poor.

The quality videos are cutted by my blog CSS, you can see completely HERE.

The first video shows three improvements: (1) the camera object can return the camera position and mouse coordinates (as you can see in the status bar). (2) Rotation was improved to move the world in a WWJ way. (3) Every layer informs the user with an "Uploading..." message in the status bar.

The second and third videos show the improvements in drag and drop object. Any object (images, points, polygons, ...) can be moved trough the globe, change its dimensions or change its elevation.

The low quality youtube videos are:

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