Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shapefile support started

Today I have started the support for shapefiles in WWJ.

There to group of things:
  • Goods. These are the good things about the implementation:

    • I am adapting the same code I used some time ago in my own 3D API of Balloon Project. That is a good new for me :)
    • The features are loaded "dynamically", not waits until the whole file is read, instead the reader process adds on the fly a new renderable object for each read feature.
    • The implementation uses display list and the performance is pretty good.
    • It allows read points, polygons and collection of geometries (I need to refresh the geometry hierarchy).
    • You can specify the color, opacity and thickness of geometries. When some property that affects its visualization the display list is recreated.

  • Bads. These are the bad new about the implementation.

    • Polygon are not filled.
    • You must to set the globe to a flat globe (vertical exaggeration equal zero). For the moment there are problems with the globe relieve.

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