Monday, January 14, 2008

The day when Timeline becomes more graphical

This is the new Timeline layer. It is not completely finished but it is more graphical and (at least for me) more beautiful ;)

To create it, I was developed before a new little package called "Widgets" with a mini set of classes implementing: button, image and label.
All them are kinds of widgets and can receive mouse events: entered, exited, left pressed, left clicked, draw and draw end. Depending on these event you can change the properties of the objects: opacity, change its texture (to make feel the button is pressed), font, etc.


英陸 said...

Hi, I'm really interested in that “timeline” feature for WWJ.
Can I use it??

Tamas Kornai said...

Dear Antonio,

this is quite impressive, what you did. Is your code accessaible anyhow?

Thanks for your answer,
Tamas Kornai

nkyug said...

This is pretty cool! Would you mind sharing your code?

Antonio Santiago said...

Thanks a lot to all of you.
The timeline is based in the old previous post about temporality (
I have not much time to continue with the project.
I think, currently in the WWJ6 there are some object to create buttons, and maybe they are a better solution than mines.