Sunday, August 31, 2008

Selecting Prism objects

It gives courage discover there are people that can get benefit from your bits of work.

Thanks to Turbo, who is using my Prism objects, in his project about the need of allow selection on Prism. Now you can add a set of Prism to a RenderableLayer and use the selection mechanism to now which prism is selected.

The issue is when you are in "selection mode" you can interact with the globe. To avoid this "problem" you need to set the 'setPickEnable' to false in the RenderableLayer where you put the Prisms.

The new code and example can be found here.


TuRBo said...

Thank you so much Antonio!!! ^ ^

TuRBo said...

Works perfectly! Thank you again :-)

sai said...

Hi, when i saw the Screenshot of your balloon project, i love it so much! what a wonderful project! Unfortunely, I could not download it to study! I do not know why! Could you send my a copy? thank you very much! my e-mail address:

Antonio Santiago said...

Thanks so much 'sai'.
The project is based on WWJ and that is the most important part. You can study it for the moment. The rest is basically the GUI part, which isn't less important than 3D and usually more ugly to program but very important for the users.
My intention is to release the project, I hope this year, under LGPL or similar license.

sai said...

Antonio, I always pay close attention to the WWJ. Actually, I use it in a project for a satellite. Compared with GE and VE, WWJ has many advantages! Now I hope wwj could get some more support in 3d. so I am so glad to see your work! I am waiting for your first released version! haha, maybe i could do something for this project !

Yaman said...

Dear Antonio,

this is a really interesting project for me!

I'm trying to plug a FengGUI interface over WWJ right now, but it seems to me that FengGUI is still in such an early phase, that it's a really though job.

Can you tell us more about your approach? Would it be possible to release an 'alpha' version of your work? I'm afraid I'm trying to figure out the same issues, you've already did.

Keep up the good work!


TuRBo said...

Hi! Antonio

I'm Turbo (again) and having problem about prism rendering. When I called FlyToOrbitViewStateIterator in WWJ (to fly from one place to another) I saw prism objects shake like they were in earthquake.

I've uploaded the caption for you to see them in action by downloading WMV file from here

Thank you in advance (again ;-p)

TuRBo :-)

TuRBo said...

Sorry for a link :-p

Come to and download the caption from there.

Thank you


Antonio Santiago said...

Very nice work TuRBo.
I try to get some time to solve the problem.
You are using prism very near of the surface and those (I think so) any little change on the coordinates conversion (from lat/lon to cartesian) produces a slightly difference.

TuRBo said...

Oh I see. Hope you find the way to resolve this soon :-D

Thank you so much for your time, Antonio

TuRBo :-)

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