Thursday, June 05, 2008

Prism (themathic) maps on WWJ

This is the first implementation of prism objects for WWJ.
Also, I have build a data file with world limits (extracted from a shapefile) and prepared an example application.
The example is far away to become a thematic application like UUorld but a second prism object version could have more improvement and utilities, like show text on top of prism.

Every prism goes from globe surface (from zero elevation) to the specified top elevation.
You can render it in a wire or filled mode, change the fill and wire color and transparency and modify the top elevation.

You can get the source code here.

Next video shows the example in action. Sorry for the poor quality but executing WWJ while capturing screen is too much for my ancient laptop :(


TuRBo said...

Such a very great thing for WW. I love it so much!!!

Good job guy ;-)

TuRBo said...

Confirmed about the performance!

I've used your code and put a lot of polygon in wwd ('bout 4,000-5,000) and amazingly my app still works great! Really Fantastic!!!