Monday, March 17, 2008

Load/Save configurations

Yes, too much time without news about the Balloon project but, well I continue working on it ;) and currently I'm finishing the load/save configuration mechanism.
Imagine you have an amazing set of layers pointing some images, icons, WMS servers and a couple of views. Now you want to save this "configuration" state.
That's not all. Maybe you have installed a couple of future :) Balloon plugins and they need to be capable to store their information in the save file too.

Here is a little example of configuration file:


otro sitio

Note: The bad syntax is because the syntax highlighter and blogger api. There seems to be a problem with element open closed in the same line like: <img ... />.

It is far to be like a KML file, also it isn't my intention. The configuration file must store only the current layers (with the attributes needed to restore it later) and the views currently open in the application.

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