Monday, December 24, 2007

WWJ Rotable Icons

Reading this thread other developer talk about how useful will be have icons that can be rotated.
I don't know if these contribution success with all expectation but if you can compute the heading desired for your icons then these can be useful for you.
The RotableUserFacingIcon implementation allows to specify the heading rotation of your icons (like the compass).

You can get the source code from here.

Note, this contribution adds a peace of code into the IconRenderer class to allows icon rotation take effect, and also take into account the icon is slightly displaced when it is a rotable icon.


Cristian said...

Hi, could you please check the link availabilty? I think it´s broken. Please I'm so interested in your implementation.


Antonio Santiago said...

Hi Cristian,
the link is broken. If you are interested send me a personal email and I can send you the code.

Remember it is for an old WWJ version.

Also remember I discontinued this blog. Now I write (when have some time) at