Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Last improvements

Well, after four weeks without internet connection I want to communicate my last advances on Balloon Core API.
  • Finally (this was my big headache from the beginning) we can get the latitude and longitude position of the mouse in the canvas.
  • Improved globe rotation. You can rotate (respect the imaginaries global X,Y,Z axis) the globe in any amount of degrees. Also, I have added tilt, like WWJ ;)
  • Added support for so called icons. Icons are images that serves as markers: pins like GE, balloons like GMaps, ... any image you want like WWJ.
  • Added picking selection support. You can associate "handlers" to the objects and control its size, movement, etc when they are selected (depending on the handler).
Not all are good news, from now I have a very big problem: when two canvas are created there exists some threads problem that block the application. Home works :(

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