Sunday, June 03, 2007

Time animation

Too much time without write any post, but we continue working on the project (step by step).

Since the designed conceptual model allows associate periods of temporary validity to the objects, I was working on some kind of graphic interface to show the time information.

The idea is to allow every camera (or view window) to animate a period of time, for example, from 12:00 to 22:00. This period is animated step by step (being able to choose the step size: 60min, 3 sec, ...) showing those objects that are visible within the step, also called cursor.

Once we define the period of time to be animated by the camera and set the temporary validity for every interesting object, we can animate them. The information shown to the user is:
  • The period of time the camera is animating.
  • The cursor initial and final time.
  • A progress bar shown the position of the cursor within the camera animation period.
I am preparing more beautiful screenshots and possibly a demo vide :), but until then here is an example image:

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