Monday, April 02, 2007

Repeatable read and direct HTTP images request

It seems I'm talking about DB with the Repeatable Read isolation problem but really it is more simple thing. Finally The Balloon Project is able to make repeatable reads from a source. For example you can:
Read every ten minutes an image from the web (i.e. from a meteorological service), or
You can read every five minutes the same image from your local disc (because it is changed by another proces).
In summar you can configure every load process to be executed at regular (online configurable) intervals.
From now, Ballon have loaders for: local images, WMS servers, shapefiles and now there is an HTTP loader to read remote images ;)

All these are very wonderful but I need to improve the GUI (my wizards and the properties window) to bring the user the possibility to work in an easy way with all the concepts.

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